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Behind The Wheel Training: 4 Things You Will Learn

Nervous about driving? Here are 4 things you will learn in your behind the wheel training.

4 Things You Will Learn in Your Behind the Wheel Training

Trust us when we say that your parents and significant other are not the best teachers when it comes to driving. Even if they’re a seasoned driver, they will not be able to provide proper driver training – especially when compared to a behind the wheel training that’s provided by professionals.

If you want to learn proper driving, a driving school is your best bet.

We know that being in your first in-car driving lesson can be a nerve-wracking experience. That’s why we have compiled a list of things to expect and learn from your behind the wheel training.

Behind The Wheel Training: 4 Things You Will Learn

1. You’ll Learn the Basics

Of course, don’t expect that you’ll drive straight into traffic or reverse around a corner during your first driving lesson. In fact, your first session will focus on the most basic elements of learning to drive.

The instructor will help you familiarize with the car’s controls, from adjusting your mirrors and seat to operating the wiper and heating dials. You will also be taught which pedal is which. After, you may be taught how to safely move the vehicle and stop.

2. You’ll Learn Motor Vehicle Safety

Every driver should be well-versed in basic to advanced automotive safety features. According to research, 88% of vehicular accidents happen within 10 miles from home.

Thus, the driving instructor that you will become very familiar with the safety features of the vehicle. This includes seat belts, air bags, child restraint systems, and more. Seatbelts are not a suggestion and are mandatory even if you’re only driving for short distances.

All instructors will not begin the lesson unless you are properly strapped in.

3. You’ll Learn Visual Awareness While Driving

During your behind the wheel training, the instructor will emphasize the importance of visual awareness while on the road.

Before driving to any road or condition, the driver should perform a thorough visual search. This includes scanning in all direction, assessing the road ahead, checking all the sides of the car before entering, keeping an eye out for road hazards, and more.

Visual awareness also entails great focus while on the road.

4. You’ll Learn Proper Vehicle Positioning

One of the most important behind the wheel driving lessons that you can learn is vehicle positioning. Proper vehicle positioning is key to greatly reduce the risk of vehicular accidents.

For instance, you will be taught to maintain a safe following distance at all times. Tailgating is when a driver drives too closely behind another vehicle. If you are too close, you don’t have enough distance to safely stop and prevent a collision in case the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops.

Develop Your Driving Skills

These are just some of the most important lessons that you will learn during your behind the wheel training. This is no way an exhaustive list but you can trust that you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a responsible driver in the hands of true professionals.

Alliance Defensive Driving School will teach you the skills you need to know for driving. Curb your nerves with a driving school and become a safe and confident driver. Contact us with any questions you may have about our driving lesson packages.

Develop Your Driving Skills

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