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Terms of Service

We truly believe that when you come to Alliance Defensive Driving School, you will experience the very best value for your dollar. Our Terms of Service ensures safety for both our students and our instructors

Delays, Cancellations, No Shows and Reschedules

If you are going to be late for your appointment time, please contact our office directly by phone at: 760-740-2524. Your instructor will wait 15 minutes. If you are still not available we will need to reschedule the appointment and a $40 late fee will apply. If your instructor is running late due to unforeseen circumstances, we will contact you. Any lost time will be made up at no cost to you.

If you need to cancel/reschedule a lesson, we ask that you give us 48 hours notice. Either call our office or change your appointment using the online scheduling system. No cancellation fee applies if received 48 hours or more before your scheduled lesson. If cancellation is made with less than 48 hours notice a $40 fee will apply. Please call our office with any questions at 760-740-2524.

If we show up for your appointment and you have forgotten, do not have your permit or are not able to complete the lesson, a $40 cancellation fee will apply.

Lost Certificates

Lost Driver Educaton or Behind-the-Wheel completion certificates will incur a $10 replacement fee. Please call the office at 760-740-2524 to request a replacement. It will be mailed out in one business day or you may pick it up at our office at an arranged time.

Instructor Disclaimer

All efforts will be made to honor your requested instructor. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we do reserve the right to replace instructors when absolutely necessary.

Scheduling lessons

We now offer an online scheduling system for you to schedule your lessons. Once you have registered and paid at our website, alliancedefensivedrivingschool.com, you will receive instructions for our online scheduling system. We recommend scheduling your first lesson as soon as you have gotten your permit, your second lesson after about 10 hours of practice and your third lesson within the week before you are scheduled to take your DMV driving test. Should you have any questions, concerns or need assistance with scheduling lessons, please call our office at 760-740-2524. We will be happy to help.


Please call our office to request a refund. 760-740-2524.

Additional Information

DL400D Certificates: The DL400D Certificate will be available for students between 15 1/2 - 18 years of age who have completed six hours of behind the wheel training. The DL400D Certificate will be provided to the student at the end of the last state required behind the wheel lesson.

Expiration: All packages are good for one year from date of purchase

Students & Parents Trust Alliance

Our Mission

To offer a unique and progressive drivers training program that addresses the needs of the modern driver, as well as providing a welcoming customer service experience to all of our students. To retain top qualified office staff and driving instructors that exhibit professional, ethical, and personal standards that are far above other driving schools. To nurture and educate each student individually in an atmosphere of trust and safety through intelligent, intuitive, and interactive training methods, making each lesson conducive to optimum performance. Simply said, Alliance Defensive Driving School strives to be the very best in the collective field of driving schools.

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All Driving Schools are not created equal…

Our driver training vehicles are equipped with both a gas and brake pedal on the passenger side. Having the training car equipped only with a brake pedal makes you only half as safe. We want our students to be completely safe in the car if something unusual should happen. Don't be fooled if other driving schools tell you otherwise. Common sense tells us it is indeed safer to have both a gas and a brake pedal installed on the passenger side of the car for complete control of the vehicle during driving lessons. Second, our driver training vehicles are equipped with four training mirrors, and three student mirrors for complete circular vision. To be completely safe, the instructor must be able to watch not only the road, but the student's movements as well.

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