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Our History

Owner Diane White has been training drivers for nearly 15 years. As a 14-year San Diego police officer veteran, she witnessed firsthand the destruction caused by unsafe driving: devastating and deadly injuries, mangled vehicles, lives forever changed.
All of it the result of poorly trained drivers.

When looking to transition out of law enforcement, Diane decided to transfer her police skills and extensive knowledge of California’s laws into a new career as a driving instructor at Alliance Defensive Driving School. Four years later, she assumed ownership of the company where she and her staff continue to provide superior driver education and driving school in San Marcos and to all of North San Diego County’s drivers.

The Safest, Most Effective Driver Training in San Marcos

Today, San Diego County ranks third in California among “Most Dangerous Counties for Car Accidents.” That’s why safety is the primary focus at Alliance Defensive Driving School.

 Especially when training drivers under 20, who have the highest rate of car accidents. As a mother of three who trained her own children to drive, Diane understands how important it is to find a trustworthy, safe driver training program for teens. We take the same approach with our older students too.

Here are a few of the ways we keep our teen, adult and senior student drivers safe:

Safest Vehicles

We are the only driver training service in San Diego that outfits our driver training vehicles with both gas and brake pedals on the passenger side to ensure complete control of the car should something unexpected occur.

Enhanced Visual Equipment

Our cars are equipped with seven mirrors, rather than the standard three. This allows our instructors to watch student movements without taking their eyes off the road, so they can anticipate problems before they happen.

Officer-Trained Instructors

Each of our hand-selected driving instructors is rigorously trained by a 14-year San Diego police force veteran. They know the rules of the road better than anyone and understand how to keep our students safe.

Individualized Training

Each student learns at a different pace. Our customized lessons allow each student driver to master a concept before moving on to the next one, so they build confidence as they go.

Easy Online Scheduling

Scheduling a driving lesson is quick and easy. Just go to our online scheduling app, then choose the best day and time for your schedule. It just takes a few clicks!

Convenient “Come to You” Lessons

No need to build in travel time for your driving lesson. We pick you up and drop you off at your door. 

75+ Years of Experience

Our driving instructors boast a combined 75+ years of defensive driving experience to help prepare you for any driving scenario.

Parent Alliance

We welcome parent involvement! In fact, we encourage parents to attend your teen’s driving lessons so you know what your child is learning. This allows you to reinforce the concepts we teach when you take your son or daughter out for a driving session.

Students and Parents Trust Alliance

Meet Our Team


As the owner of Alliance Defensive Driving School I feel fortunate to be able to continue the tradition of the finest driving instruction in San Diego County. Having served 14 years as a Law Enforcement Officer/Sergeant, I witnessed the devastation caused by poor and careless driving. As a mom who taught my three teenagers to drive, I saw first-hand how important it is for new drivers to have a solid foundation in defensive driving skills. It is with both of these perspectives, as the owner of Alliance Defensive Driving School, that I am thrilled to offer a very solid curriculum to new drivers to give them the best foundation for their driving future.


As your driving instructor my goal is to ensure that you are given the knowledge, skills and understanding of safe driving practices that will influence and benefit you every time you drive. With over 30 years of safe driving experience, I have gained a unique perspective on the value of good defensive driving skills. Growing up as one of fourteen children, as well as having a teen of driving age, affords me the patience and understanding required to instruct the next generation of excellent defensive drivers. I am invested in helping you become a courteous, responsible and safe driver. I consider it a privilege to be able to provide you with such an important life skill and I look forward to seeing you on the road!


Being a mom of 2 daughters and a son, two of which are young adults already, I can relate to how exciting it is when the time comes to start learning how to drive and get your license. It’s a sensational feeling of freedom, for children and parents alike.

Born and raised in North County San Diego, I believe we have some of the best scenic driving roads around, and we are so fortunate to be able to drive from the coast, to mountains, to desert all in one beautiful day! As an avid motorcycle rider, I feel I am hyper aware of just how distracted and un-alert other drivers can be, and of obstacles most drivers may not be aware of, or just plain overlook at times. I want to take those extra skills I have developed, and help you become one of the best drivers on the road.

Being a prepared, defensive, and alert driver is a great driver! It’s one of the most important lifelong skills that you can develop. My goal as your driving instructor is to get you comfortable and confident behind the wheel, to be able to make those wise choices that arise, and have fun! Driving should be safe, smooth and enjoyable, and learning how to be a smart defensive driver can make it just that. I Iook forward to seeing you behind the wheel.



I am blessed to call San Diego my home. I grew up in Carlsbad, CA and remember the thrill of cruz’n the coast when I was a teenager. Oh my, what fun! Learning to drive is a very exciting time for teenagers and many teens see driving as a right…when, in fact, it’s a privilege with serious responsibilities.

As a car enthusiast, I have a background in automotive finance and insurance. Over the years I have participated in many Automotive Dealer Sponsored behind the wheel certifications and training classes. I have owned a few hotrods throughout the years and enjoy a good classic car show.

Mission Bay is my playground, as I am an avid water skier and wakeboarder with 30 years of water safety and boating experience. I have devoted many years teaching others safe water and boating skills including hands-on instruction for blind children and adults with the blind ski program.

As a trained professional driving instructor, I am committed to keeping your teen safe while developing defensive driving skills and good driving habits. I am very friendly while taking on my role as a driving instructor seriously, preparing students well with lifelong driving skills and to pass their behind the wheel DMV test with confidence. With my patient, calm and pleasant style, students are encouraged to learn at their own pace. “Think Safety First” is the foundation for all good instruction. I look forward to teaching your teen how to navigate the roads safely, confidently and defensively.


After receiving my bachelor’s degree in theater from the University of Wisconsin, I entered the Navy and was commissioned into the Naval Aviation Community. I spent the next 12 years as a Naval Officer in many various positions. Flight school taught me an attention to detail which I use to this day in everything I do.

After the Navy I started my own pressure washing company and spent the next 30 years running that. We serviced all throughout San Diego County which required me to drive about 150 miles a day. During those travails I experienced great drivers, good drivers, bad drivers, and some who should never have graduated from their tricycle. I have trained all four of my children, and numerous employees to always drive defensively with awareness and patience.

I look forward to training you the same way. No appointment, meeting, or date is that important that safety cannot be placed first. Driving is not only fun, but a necessity in a city the size of San Diego, so let’s approach it with the respect and privilege it deserves.

Our Mission

To offer a unique and progressive drivers training program that addresses the needs of the modern driver, as well as providing a welcoming customer service experience to all of our students. To retain top qualified office staff and driving instructors that exhibit professional, ethical, and personal standards that are far above other driving schools. To nurture and educate each student individually in an atmosphere of trust and safety through intelligent, intuitive, and interactive training methods, making each lesson conducive to optimum performance. Simply said, Alliance Defensive Driving School in San Marcos and all of North San Diego County strives to be the very best in the collective field of driving schools.

All driving schools are not created equal…

Our driver training vehicles are equipped with both a gas and brake pedal on the passenger side. Having the training car equipped only with a brake pedal makes you only half as safe. We want our students to be completely safe in the car if something unusual should happen. Don’t be fooled if other driving schools tell you otherwise.

Second, our driver training vehicles are equipped with four training mirrors, and three student mirrors for complete circular vision. To be completely safe, the instructor must be able to watch not only the road, but the student’s movements as well.

Alliance Defensive Driving School in San Marcos, Escondido & Carlsbad

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