Driving at Night: 8 Tips on How to Stay Safe in San Diego

San Diego is a fantastic city. During the day, residents get their pick of wonderful food festivals, museums, restaurants, and parks to visit and explore. At night, Little Italy and the Gaslamp District light up the night sky. Your San Diego nightlife should bring only positive memories the next morning. Help ensure your evening adventures in “America’s Finest City” stay enjoyable from start to finish with these driving at night tips

1. Perform Annual Eye Exams

There is no substitute for being able to see the road, other cars, bicycles, pedestrians with crystal-clarity. An annual eye exam ensures you have the eyewear that keeps your vision at its peak.

As we age, night vision may begin to deteriorate. Glare from headlights and streetlights can blind us in oncoming traffic. As a result, we could easily veer the wrong way and cause an accident. An eye doctor will find these issues in your eye exam and order prescription glasses for night driving. 

2. Clear All Obstructions and Distractions from Sight

Even the best 20/20 vision won’t overcome obstructions in the car. A dirty windshield, cellphone, or items blocking the rearview mirror are a few issues that can create obstructions and distractions while driving. Always remove any obstacles and give yourself the widest field of vision in front and behind you to stay safe on the road. Interior lights, too, can be a distraction if too bright. Dimming your interior lights allows you to focus your vision on the road as needed. Insist that passengers use interior lights and even cell phones for a limited time. 

3. Include Night Driving in Your Behind the Wheel Training

New drivers are rightfully nervous when driving at night, especially when they haven’t had specific training. Request that your behind the wheel training instructor include nighttime driving lessons if possible. He or she is sure to have plenty of driving at night tips specific to San Diego. The more scenarios you’re exposed to and made aware of during driving training, the better prepared you will be on your own.

driving a car at night in the city

4. Stay Awake

Driving while drowsy is almost as bad as driving while drunk. Over 103 million people have fallen asleep behind the wheel. 37% of drivers have put themselves and others at risk of a deadly accident at some point in their driving career.   

San Diego’s busy nightlife means drowsy drivers can not only injure other drivers but injure pedestrians whose only crime is enjoying a night out on the town.  

If you are tired or fatigued, avoid driving at all costs. If you must go somewhere, take an Uber or Lyft to avoid getting behind the wheel. Treat driving drowsy as you would driving drunk — avoid it at all costs. 

5. Stay Sober

Driving drunk (or even tipsy) slows and distorts your ability to react to obstacles. If a vehicle must come to a quick stop, a second’s hesitation on your part can result in a serious collision. If an animal or pedestrian darts in front of your car, hitting them is far more likely when your responses are slowed by alcohol. All the driving at night tips in the world can’t compensate for poor choices like drinking while buzzed or drunk.  

6. Keep a Safe Distance

Your online driver’s ed class should have taught you that you must stay at least 30 feet between you and the person in front of you during normal daylight driving conditions. 

At night, you need to keep a more considerable distance between you and the car in front of you. It is recommended you keep at least 75 feet apart while driving at night. This distance allows you more time to react to any issues that come up.  

7. Slow Down While Driving at Night

Faster speeds require more reaction time. Even though speed limits remain the same night and day, it’s best to slow down when driving at night. Get yourself in a habit of increasing focus and reducing speed when driving at night to protect yourself and your passengers. 

8. Adjust Your Lights Inside and Outside of Your Car

Adjusting your headlamps and interior lighting before driving at night will help make seeing at night much easier. Make sure your headlights are in the best position to provide you optimal sight without blinding other drivers on the road.

To learn more about safe driving at night tips in San Diego, contact Alliance Driving School today by leaving a message on our online form. One of our expert driving instructors will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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