Online vs. In-Person Driving Education

Whether you are a teen looking to get your driving license for the first time, or an adult that does not yet have a license, you might not know where to start when choosing where to take driving lessons.

You can either consider an online driving school or one that does in-person instruction. Both types will help you to become a safe and confident driver, but there are some advantages to doing the course online that might be more appealing.

Safety First

There is no doubt that enrolling in a driver’s education program makes for a safer, more knowledgeable driver. According to AAA, driver education reduces the chance of an accident by 4.3%. In addition, teens that completed a driver education course scored higher on the driving test.

The requirements by each state in regards to driving education vary. Some states require students to have behind-the-wheel instruction in addition to classroom instruction. Before choosing which type of driving education, check your individual state’s requirements.

Online Drivers Ed

Online driver’s education requires that a student reads the materials and complete the course requirements on their own time and on their own device. Taking driving education courses online is increasing in popularity because it is convenient. In today’s busy society, online driver’s ed offers the ability for you to learn how to drive from wherever you have an Internet connection and at any time of day. This is beneficial to anyone who has a demanding schedule or may live far away from a driving school. Online driving courses work best for those who do not need personal instruction and can learn from websites and videos.

Another advantage of an online class is that it is affordable. In addition to the course, many offer opportunities to take practice written exams included in the fee. Some only require a percentage of the fee upfront so you can see if you like this style of learning before making a commitment.

Keep in mind that these programs are not regulated so the quality of the course can vary. When choosing an online course get recommendations and read reviews to make sure the course is accredited by the state.

In-person Drivers Ed

In-person instruction requires the student to attend classes for a certain number of hours, depending on the state’s requirements. This is the traditional form of driving instruction where classes are on a set schedule. One of the advantages of a driving school that is not online is that students can ask questions on the spot and interact with other students and the instructor.

One of the downsides of in-person driving education is that it is usually a bit more expensive. Plus, you have to attend the classes when they are scheduled. Someone that has a demanding schedule either with school, work, or activities might find it difficult to attend every class.

Is Online or In-Person Right for me?

With today’s busy scheduling, the convenience of online training works really well for most people, which is why it is gaining in popularity. The advantages of being able to complete driver’s education on the student’s own time make for a very easy and efficient way to learn how to drive. Contact the professionals at Alliance Driving School to see what option is best for you.

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