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Are You Ready for Your Written Driving Test? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

If you are preparing to take your San Diego driving test, it is likely you are nervous or have concerns. Rest assured, the extra steps you take increase your odds that you’ll be driving independently in no time. Driving lessons for drivers of all ages, conducted by professionals, are available in all cities and go far in helping new drivers gain behind-the-wheel confidence fast. 

The two parts of the California test are the written test and the behind-the-wheel driving test. Studying the driver’s manual will provide you with everything you need to know before taking the written test. Taking practice tests or quizzes—like the one featured here—help you understand which aspects you still need to study and which you have down cold. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the San Diego Written Driver’s Test

Knowing the answers to these common questions will help you keep calm before your test

What is a Written Test for a Driver’s License?

The written driver’s license test for San Diego drivers tests your knowledge of the current federal and California state driving laws, road signs, and safe driving procedures. 

How Many Questions Will I Need to Answer?

The written portion of the California driving test contains a total of 46 questions.

What Score Is Needed to Pass the Written Portion of the Test?

You will need to answer at least 38 questions correctly to pass. If you fail the test, you will need to wait seven days before retaking the test. You will have three attempts to pass the written portion of the driving test. The high scored needed to pass ensures all drivers have thoroughly absorbed all of the information in the California Driver’s Handbook. 

Tips for Passing the Written Driving Test in San Diego

These helpful tips boost your readiness.

  • Relax and take a deep breath. Nearly everyone passes the driver’s test eventually.  
  • Make sure you download and study the California Driver Handbook. It has all the answers to the written test’s questions.   
  • Take practice tests or quizzes online until you feel confident about your score.
  • Have friends or family members ask you questions to help you study.
  • Make notes or flashcards about road signs, laws, or any safety guidelines you struggle to remember. Focus on getting those questions correct.
  • Remember, you are not only being tested on your knowledge. Taking this test is essential because it can also help you avoid getting a ticket. Moreover, the facts you learn from studying the driver’s handbook could even save your life.

Practice Quiz for the California Written Driver’s Test

Here are a few multiple-choice questions and answers to help you prepare for your upcoming San Diego written test.

1. It is illegal for someone under 21 to drive with a blood alcohol concentration that is:

          A. 0.01% or more

          B. 0.04% or more

          C. 0.05% or more

          D. 0.08% or more

Answer: A. 0.01% or more

2. A yellow sign with a black X in the middle and two Rs on either side is a warning you are approaching what?

          A. An intersection

          B. A crosswalk

          C. A railroad crossing

          D. A blasting zone

Answer: C. A railroad crossing

3. A traffic light showing a red arrow pointing to the right means:

          A. Turn right after you have come to a complete stop

          B. Turn right after slowing down and checking traffic

          C. Do not turn right until the light is green

          D. Turn right only if no pedestrians are currently crossing the street.

Answer: C. Do not turn right until the light is green

4. If you are underage and your phone rings while driving, what should you do?

         A. Answer if you have a hands-free device installed

         B. Answer if the call is from your parents

         C. Text, the caller, letting them know you will call them back

         D. Let the call go to voicemail

Answer: D. Let the call go to voicemail

5. When changing lanes, look out for motorcycle drivers because:

         A. It is illegal for motorcycles to share a lane with you

         B. At an intersection, motorcycle drivers, always have the right-of-way

         C. Motorcycle drivers always have the right of way while on the highway

         D. The smaller size of the bike makes it harder to see them

Answer: D. The smaller size of the bike makes it harder to see them

6. You must use your safety belt:

        A. Unless you are in a vehicle made before 1978

        B. Unless you are a passenger in a limousine

        C. Only when you are driving on the highway

        D. And failure to do so may result in a traffic ticket

Answer: D. And failure to do so may result in a traffic ticket

Prepare for Your Written Driving Test the Right Way

To learn more about taking your San Diego driving test, contact our experts today. Our licensed professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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